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Squirrels With Tiny Musical Instruments

Squirrels With Tiny Musical Instruments

This photographer photographs squirrels with tiny musical instruments, here is their story:

“Some years ago, squirrels started to come in my garden. I decided to build an outside studio from my balcony and started to shoot photos from my kitchen window. Some days sometimes 6 squirrels visit me.

This half year I worked on a children book, “Squirrel Teaching You The Alphabet”, and was confronted with some letters like an object starting with an “X”. That became a squirrel photo with a xylophone. From there I started doing a series of squirrel photos with music instruments. It took months to get some music instruments with the right size. I try to bring some magic, wonder and happiness with my work, these are real photos. Sometimes I take away a wire or some food, and sometimes I stack 2 photos from the same scene.

Meanwhile, I have been published in about 25 newspapers. Articles about my work have appeared on the internet in about 100 countries. 3 books are published, also postcards and a calendar. My work has been published in magazines, such as National Geographic, Digitalfoto, etc. and won many awards and prices. On this moment I am a finalist in where from 46000 1 of my squirrel photos is selected. Some of my works are published in other books. Still after shooting photos almost full time I still cannot make a complete living of it.”


Rock violinist

Sax solo


Quiet please


Playing the xylophone


The star

Piano concert


Leaving the concert

Bad concert


3 hands play