Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of photography are you available to shoot?
I am available to shoot all types of photography ranging from fashion, glamour, swimsuit, fitness, pinup, fantasy, edgy, portraits, engagement, wedding, children, pets to commercial, product, event, on location, food/drink, corporate, real-estate… list goes on.

How old do I have to be to photograph?
I photograph all ages, a model release is required from everyone no matter the age. Everyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian present during the shoot and to give permission via the model release.

Where are you located and do you travel?
I am currently residing in the Las Vegas, NV area. I travel occasionally to California. Depending on the shoot/project I will travel.

I have never modeled before, what do I do if I want good pictures?
I recommend taking a look at my Tips for beginners and doing research on poses (I have a few links listed on my footer). I will also assist you during the shoot so don’t worry!

Can I bring a friend, my partner or my kids to the shoot?
I know it might be scary to go anywhere alone so you can bring a friend or your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse as long as they do not interfere with the shoot. I do not recommend you bring your children unless they are the ones being photographed. There is no babysitter and it’s better to not bring them to avoid breaking anything and to prevent any accidents. It is not recommended to bring more than one other person with you unless they are involved with the shoot itself. Too many people will be denied.

How long does the shoot last?
Depends on the shoot itself. Most general portrait/model shoots are 1-2 hours long.

Do you provide wardrobe?
Unless we are working with a specific designer or a wardrobe stylist is provided, no.

Do you provide hair and makeup?
If you want a makeup artist/hair stylist present it can be arranged for an additional fee. Otherwise please come hair and makeup ready to shoot!

Where do you shoot, can you come to my house?
I mostly shoot from my own studio or on location (meaning we will meet at say a park or specific location for the shoot). I can shoot anywhere you want as long as we are both on the same page for the shoot/location. Photos of your home prior to the shoot will be required to decide if it is a good location for your type of shoot.

How does the shoot work, what is the process?
Once you schedule a shoot date we will discuss the type of photos you are looking to take and reference will be sent for your inspiration. Everything from makeup to clothing will be advised. Most of the time if a makeup artist is not provided you are required to come hair and makeup ready. Once you arrive on time you will sign a model release and provide your photo ID for proof of age. We will then go over the inspiration photos and the theme of the shoot again. Your wardrobe will be looked upon and I will tell you what to wear for the shoot. Once you are in front of the camera we will do a few test shots to get you relaxed. Then you pose, pose, pose! It will go fast if you are relaxed and we are getting good images. After the shoot, I will personally go through all the photos and delete any images that are not to my standards (closed eyes, blurred..) and only the best photos will be chosen. You will be emailed a pdf proof sheet to choice your 5-10 (or agreed upon) photos for edit. You can also skip this and allow me to edit the photos I believe are BEST potential for an awesome final photo. After all edits are done you will receive the photos in web size and/or print size (depending on agreement) and have the choice of getting prints (additional fees). That’s it! It’s really simple and the number one rule is have fun!

How do I schedule an appointment?
You can schedule an appointment through the contact form, through text message, email or phone call. A scheduling deposit fee is required to hold your date and time.

Is there a deposit fee and what is the deposit fee?
Yes. The deposit fee depends on your shoot total and usually is 50% of that fee. If you show up the deposit goes towards your shoot. Otherwise, if you do not show up the deposit is non-refundable. Deposits can be made using Zelle (ev36photography@gmail.com/7026253836) and/or via a Paypal invoice (may include fees).

What if I do not arrive on time or can not make it anymore, do I lose my deposit?
I strongly encourage everyone to arrive on time because most likely there is a shoot scheduled right after yours, so coming late gives you less time to shoot. A confirmation is required the day before the shoot. Most deposits are nonrefundable due to your shoot date and time being reserved specifically for you, not showing up means someone else didn’t get to shoot. If you really can not make it to your shoot, a one time courtesy reschedule can be made under extreme circumstances.

Do I receive all the photos from the shoot?
I do not provide RAW photos, only the agreed upon amount of photos will be fully edited and provided.

What if I want more than the 10 photos agreed in my shoot or a specific photo edited?
If there are additional photos you really like and want edited, I will edit them for an additional fee (depends on the detail of the edit, if it is a green screen fantasy shoot this will cost more than a simpler on location shoot).

Can I sell my photos?
Absolutely not. Under the agreement and release you are forbidden to profit off my work in any way. An additional contract and legal advice will be required to mutually agree on sales done other than my own.

Can I publish my photos after?
Only if it is a non profit publish – meaning you are not getting paid for the submission. Per the release you are required to notify of any desired publications and provide credit for my work (example: photo(s) taken/copyrighted by Ev36 Photography, ev36.com).

What can I do with the photos?
Hang them, display them, give them to your family member or significant other as a gift, put them in an album, post them online (preferably the copyrighted version for credit and respect), update your portfolio. If your shoot was a rare TFP – you are forbidden to remove the copyright off your photos.

Do you shoot TFP?
On rare occasions I will if I really like your look or if we are collaborating talent together. Otherwise all my shoots are reasonably priced and I can create a specific package to meet your needs and budget!

Are you looking for a makeup artist or stylist? Can we collaborate?
Of course! I do test shots with all new artists in collaboration with me – meaning you would not get paid during this time. This is more of a trial period and if we work well together and create amazing images for the client, I will advertise you on my website (section coming soon) and you will be paid at your rate for further shoots. Contact me for more details.