The Invisible Light That Plants Emit

It starts with going out under the cover of darkness to snatch unsuspecting flowers growing around the neighborhood. Rarely knowing what to expect from a flower. Surprised by their colors or light, every one is a surprise! In the same way a tee-shirt blue glows under a black light, most organic material glows at least a little with UV stimulation and in all kinds of colors. To make the most of it, it takes working in the darkest environment and using a 365nm light so the camera can't see the UV ...

Emerald Island Beauty

Beautiful photography by photographer Peter Miller allowing us to enjoy Emerald Island's secrets. Red Riding Hood digital art Irish Traffic Jam The Gathering Of Clouds Raiders Of Fanore The Moment Of Silence Vol. 1 The Moment Of Silence Vol. 2 The Moment Of Silence Vol. 3 Good Night Vol. 1 The Portal The Moment Of Silence Vol. 4 Jurrasic Park Irish Fairy Tale Vol. 1 The Moment Of Silence V...

Ordinary People VS. Photographers

Ordinary People VS. Photographers The photos show that photographers can make an ordinary place look magical with the right light, angle, and just a tad of photo editing. What may look like a block of flats with a couple trees next to it to an ordinary person, could look like a mysterious forest to a photographer. Yeah, of course, any photo looks better when edited, but let’s face it, not everyone has an ‘artistic eye’, which is much needed in photography. photograp...