I’d like to thank all the opportunities given to me and all the support and sponsors! Hope you enjoy my media section 🙂

Published and Featured in All Eyes, Dreamy and Kid Model Magazines

Prince-Eric Chipeta was a pleasure to work with, congratulations to all his recent publications!

Published and Featured in the Conceptual Magazine Issue #16 with Model Moorea Wolfe

Moorea was a pleasure to work with and I am so glad I can finally share these beautiful photos from the “Goddess of Chaos” set. Big thank you to everyone involved in the Conceptual Magazine. It is an honor to be featured among the other talented artists. Be sure to purchase your copy, this is a beautiful magazine!

Published Editing/Graphics for Justice Howard’s Voodoo Book

It was great working with Justice Howard on her photograph for her book which was all a complete secret. Model Ghede Zariyen. All editing and graphics for her photo was done by me! Thank you for this opportunity! Be sure to buy the book on Amazon, gorgeous photos from talented artists.

Autumn Publication Front Cover and inside of Kathi Kulesza in the Prosperity Issue of the Amazing “Choices” magazine.  Thank you Judi for another publication!

Published in the Fetfan Magazine Issue #17 with Model: Jessica Diaz-Drake

Jessica and I were able to create some amazing artistic nudes that tell a story of the birth of a Goddess. From the idea stage, to the creation, birth, growth and death.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Promotional photos and editing for the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland steampunk show at the Red Rock Resort. Published on the Las Vegas Review Journal.   I had the great pleasure of working with some very talented people of the “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” show. Amazing makeup by Adolfo Barreto who also is the White Rabbit. Stunning costume design by Jeffrey DeBarathy who is also the Cheshire Cat. The talented Anne Martinez as Alice,  Ryan Kelsey as the Red Knight, April Leopardi as the Duchess, Claudia Mitria as the Caterpillar,  Lora Kelsey as the Red Queen, Eric Michael Morgan as the White Knight,  and Ashley Fuller as Ecila.  Promotional print posters coming soon. Check out the photos and editing done by me below:

Monsterface/Stage 42

Monster Face and Stage 42 Promotional Posters in Germany for Gun Trina production.

Another Published Front Cover of  Judi Moreo in the Self-Esteem Issue of the Amazing “Choices” magazine.  Thank you!

AK Experts

It is wonderful to be a part of 3 talented women – Stephanie Thompson, Judi Moreo, and Aimmee Kodachian for AK Experts – billboard and marketing products with my photography.

TWERK Promotional graphics and Billboard

Had a great pleasure working with Anne Martinez, who set up the TWERK promotional shoot for Centerfolds Cabaret.  Thank you for the opportunity!

Published Front Cover for 702 Magazine

702 Magazine Cover

Another Published Front Cover of Stephanie Thompson, Judi Moreo, and Aimmee Kodachian in the Winter Issue of the Amazing “Choices” magazine.  Thank you!

Choices Magazine Cover

Published Front Cover and inside photos of Stephanie Thompson in the Fall Issue of the Amazing “Choices” magazine.  It was a pleasure working with Stephanie. A big thank you to Aimmee Kodachian from the AK and The Experts Show on the WCOBM network and Judi Moreo for making everything possible. Great Show reel for Stephanie’s Movie Reviews, all photos also taken by me. Be sure to check it all out and follow Stephanie! Thank you!

choices-magazine-ev36-coverchoices-magazine-ev36-insidechoices-magazine-ev36-photo Las Vegas 2016 Celebrity Calendar Project

Hosted by Tiffinie Tee for The Just One Project charity | all photography and graphics created by me (Ev36 Photography) for the calendar featuring talented Las Vegas celebrities (all credited entertainers: Alexandria Halbauer, Eric Sean, Julie Langille, Melissa Pease, Erica Vanlee,Amanda Kouretas, Christina Shaw, Alicia Perrone, Michael Sartain, Marlana Dunn, Carolin Feigs, Paul Scally, Joseph D’Amico, Anne Martinez, April Leopardi Anneberg, Nieve Malandra, Lisa Marie Smith, Natalia Faircloth) Purchase your 2016 calendar at all profits will go to the charity!

Published in Phantasm Magazine, Issue 5, Model: Brittany Shaday Gomez

It was a pleasure working with Brittany for this project and I am very happy we got published! Check out Phantasm Magazine and get your copy!

View more of Brittany here –

RAW Las Vegas gallery event on March 5th 2015 @ the Freemont Vountry Club

Big thank you to Nataly Paige for this great opportunity! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported me and other artists.