Creative Newborn Photography

Creative Newborn Photography

Stacy Holman is a newborn photographer in Columbus, Ohio, and spends several days a week photographing newborns, families, and maternity sessions. 

Usually, before a newborn photo session, she will talk with mammas about their favorite poses or setups that they would love to incorporate into their session. These are some of my most requested photos. First up is the floral newborn swing photo. Requested by almost “every” mamma, you just can’t go wrong with a baby girl and flowers. Next up is the baby with a teddy bear. There is something about babies and bears, loved by all there is nothing more adorable.

Newborn baby girl on a flower swing

Newborn baby boy in gray with a teddy bear

The smiley newborn

Beautiful awake newborn photo

Newborn hands under chin

The bum up pose

The close up macro photo