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The Possession

The Possession

Model: Brooke Contovasilis


She was drawn towards darkness, as it called her in a whisper in the night

It caressed her soft pale skin as it promised her what she desired

She wanted things which were not written


She wanted things that were not meant for her

It promised her what her heart only imagined

Falling deeper into the trance, she was under it’s command

Dealt in reverse, the card of the moon

It was bitter, it caused her to shiver as her skin started to turn dull


She failed to let the light in as the darkness whispered her name once more

Her reflection was no longer there

As she found herself floating in the air

Her eyes, a temple to her lost soul yet it was to late to go back home

She was only but a puppet now, with false hope and broken promises


Trapped in her own body, battling her own mind

Was it just an illusion, was it her fear deep inside?

She looked back in the mirror as she no longer whispered

She spoke clearly as she grinned, ” Nice eyes..”


Poetry written by Julez of

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