Spotlight Model Lonnie Alex

Spotlight Model Lonnie Alex

Birds-of-a-feather-pop-ev36.jpg  Lonnie was a pleasure to work with, she is very professional and has a great versal look.

Lonnie Alex is an actress, model, go go dancer, and writer from Las Vegas. Energetic and driven from a young age her parents enrolled her in magnet schools where she took classes in theatre, writing, singing, and dancing. Since getting her BA in Theatre Acting for the Camera from The University of Las Vegas, Lonnie has been nonstop in pursuing her career. She has worked on several motion pictures, commercials, and print ads. Though short she’s also rumored to have a killer runway walk. Lonnie’s passion burns bright like a star and she puts her all into every project she takes on.

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Here are some of my favorite photos from working with Lonnie:

Winter-Portrait-ev36.jpg Birds-of-a-feather-sexy2-ev36.jpg Snowflakes-ev36.jpg Snow-Goddess-ev36.jpg Soft-Portrait-ev36.jpg WickedWinter-ev36.jpg Snowfall2-ev36.jpg Snow-ev36.jpg Snowfall-ev36.jpg Birds-of-a-feather-ev36.jpg Forest-nymph-ev36.jpg Forest-nymph2-ev36.jpg Forbidden-Forest-ev36.jpg Sexy-nymph-ev36.jpg