Spotlight Model Brooke Contovasilis

Spotlight Model Brooke Contovasilis


Ev36 - Eye Candy | Model: Brooke Contovasilis
 I met Brooke when I needed an inspirational model for a dark themed photoshoot and after interviewing a selection of girls, I picked her. She is an amazing model and person. Not to mention Brooke is also a talented go-go dancer! I am happy to say we have become friends since day one and we have created many stories together through photos. It is always a pleasure to work with her!

Brooke has done some promo modeling and GoGoing for conventions, nightclubs and inside major casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. She also does many body painting and Vegas Showgirl gigs. She is very professional and hard-working!

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Here are some of my favorite stories we have inspired together:




Pink Roses.jpg Snow-Queen-Portrait.jpg Enchanted Winter Forest.jpg SnowQueen-Beauty.jpg Once Upon a Winter Time.jpg Below0.jpg Let It Snow2.jpg Dark-Roots-Rage.jpg Battle-of-the-Mind.jpg Hotel.jpg Enchanted-Broomstick.jpg Wicked.jpg Unholy-Possession.jpg Free-Will.jpg Witching-Hour.jpg