Spotlight Model Ana Antimo

Spotlight Model Ana Antimo

Ev36 - Genie Glamour | Model: Ana Antimo

I’d like to shine some light on the very talented Ana Antimo! Yet she is another triple-threat – model, dancer and actress. Ana works on a lot of different projects, does promotions, has been published many times, doubles for celebrities and was even on the TV show – Modern Family on ABC. I met Ana on facebook while searching for models for my showcase project. I found her as my perfect genie and yet she made a perfect witch too. She is very professional and fun to work with, and this allowed me to get creative with our project. I wanted to make her “float” and somehow genie and witch just seemed to be the answer.  She pulled off both looks perfectly and we were able to create some vibrant pieces and some dark pieces at the same time. I recommend Ana as a model and hope to work with her again in the future.

Ev36 - Red Chamber Genie | Model: Ana Antimo
Ev36 - Red Genie | Model: Ana Antimo
Ev36 - I Dream of Genie | Model: Ana Antimo
Ev36 - Desert Wishes, Genie | Model: Ana Antimo
Ev36 - Dark Witch | Model: Ana Antimo
Ev36 - Dark Magick Witch | Model: Ana Antimo