Animal Masks, Gowns, And An Abandoned House Equals Creepily Beautiful Photos

Tara Mapes always wanted to tell a story, or portray enough emotion that the viewer can create their own when they see her work. 

For two months she shopped props, rode around her new state scouting out locations and talking to property owners, planning the models, styling, and doing dry runs. 

On the day of the shoot, she had one goal in mind: create a story with the images. She didn’t just want little girls in pretty dresses and masks. She wanted people to stop scrolling, click on the picture, and conjure up a story from the scene they were seeing. Well, did you?

They gathered near the barn, the fox with the key

The sunny sky turned dark by the window they did meet

They found the sacred book magic spells they did cast

Soon night would fall and they’d travel in their masks

They waited on the porch as the sun went down wearing animal masks, boots, and gorgeous couture gowns

They passed the time whispering, it wouldn’t be long now

The sun would soon set, and they’d be on the prowl

The sun set, they walked through the pines to the path

Adorned in gowns they seemed so sweet without masks

The night was falling, oh, the night called their names!

Onto the enchanted forest they went, to start their games

Wanna play?