Spotlight Model Brooke Contovasilis

Spotlight Model Brooke Contovasilis    I met Brooke when I needed an inspirational model for a dark themed photoshoot and after interviewing a selection of girls, I picked her. She is an amazing model and person. Not to mention Brooke is also a talented go-go dancer! I am happy to say we have become friends since day one and we have created many stories together through photos. It is always a pleasure to work with her! Brooke has done some promo modeling and GoGoing for conventions, ...

Amazing Mouse Drawing with Realism

Amazing Mouse Drawing with Realism You know that feeling when you almost step on a pin and think: “Wow! I almost hurt myself real bad! But not as bad as if a mouse would've stepped on it”. You don’t? Really? Well. I do, anyway! I even drew it, if you wanna know the truth. That’s how Rikiki was born. Fortunately, his life experience is not always as dramatic as this first image I drew of him! He really has a life of his own: he goes to the gym, he enjoys eating chocolate and peanuts, and he e...

3D Doodles That Leap Off The Page

16-Year-Old Artist Creates 3D Doodles That Leap Off The Page Brazilian artist João Carvalho, a.k.a. J Desenhos, is back with more awesome 3D Notebook drawings. The 16-year-old continues to surprise us with his incredible skill to create fun visual distortions, which seem nowhere near two-dimensional. Carvalho bends and twists his signature blue lines of a notepad and gives his playful characters depth by adding intense shading. The self-taught artist shares his progress sketches on his Faceb...