Witching Hour

Witching Hour

*WARNING: image(s) in this post contain nudity. View at your own discretion*

Model: Brooke Contovasilis


She will capture you with her gaze as her eyes penetrate your soul

She will leave you frozen and speechless with the essence of her presence

As the midnight hour strikes, she will light her way on her magic broomstick

Under the moonlight she will become one with the stars and sky as she gracefully flies by

She is connected with all, she is gifted and wise

She is beautiful, desirable and full of secrets and lies

She can grant you your wishes yet she is not a genie… she is but only a woman, she is only a witch




You will desire to worship her body, spirit and mind

Her image will be burned behind your eyes as she will be all that you want

She will have all of the answers to your many questions

She will create your dreams and open many doors

Offering protection, health, happiness and love

Providing an endless supply of affection, passion, and lust

She can be everything and all that you have ever wanted

But all magic comes with a price for she is only but a woman, she is witch



Poetry written by Julia M. (c) ev36.com, thank you for viewing!