Photo Mashup = Great Results

Photo Mashup = Great Results Have a closer look and you'll see that Stephen McMennamy's photos are not your usual Photoshop manipulations. Previously featured on Bored Panda, the art director comes up with all sorts of weird objects and scenarios by seamlessly combining two different photos into one. And he's back with more awesome work! "It’s really just from looking around and seeing what things are out in the world might make for an interesting fit or what would make for a nice contrast o...

Foxy Love

Foxy Love Talented Dutch photographer Roeselien Raimond (whom we’ve written about and spoken with before here) takes stunning photos of wild foxes. For this year’s Valentine’s day she agreed to give Bored Panda an exclusive interview and talk about how attentive and loving foxes are, despite the popular belief that they are mean and deceitful creatures. “I know of no animal that shows as much love and affections as foxes do. That could be because I know no animal, like I know foxes, but that...