This Photographer Leaves You In Anxious Anticipation

This Photographer Will Annoy You And Leave You In Anxious Anticipation For Kinfolk Magazine’s recent Adrenaline Issue, photographer Aaron Tilley and Director Kyle Bean were asked to recreate that awful moment when something terrible is just about to happen. The project emphasizes the curious relationship between what the mind perceives and how the body reacts. The anticipation causes the body to release adrenaline, even if nothing actually happens, and it is believed that this reaction is cl...

Travel Photos Are Instantly Better With Dinosaur Toys

Travel Photos Are Instantly Better With Dinosaur Toys Paraguay photographer Jorge Saenz uses classic perspective tricks to bring dinosaurs to life in his epic travel series #Dinodinaseries. His photos document the dinosaur tourists’ travels around South America, a journey that began with Dino the green Brachiosaurus in Bolivia. Saenz bought Dino at a flee market in La Paz, Bolivia, and then posted a silly picture of him online. The photo was a surprise hit, so Saenz decided to give Dino some...

Lara Croft Inspirational Shoot

Lara Croft Inspirational Shoot Model: Taylor Kilgore We went for the Lara Croft themed shoot, it was fun getting some awesome action and movie/video game feel photos with Taylor. Looking forward to creating more inspiration action shoots in the near future!