Lara Croft Inspirational Shoot

Lara Croft Inspirational Shoot Model: Taylor Kilgore We went for the Lara Croft themed shoot, it was fun getting some awesome action and movie/video game feel photos with Taylor. Looking forward to creating more inspiration action shoots in the near future!

Cutlet The Ginger Cat

Cutlet The Ginger Cat Is So Majestic He Even Has His Own Photographer Famous Russian photographer Kristina Makeeva who mesmerized the world with her Moscow Orthodox Christmas photography? Turns out she has a cat. Or to be more exact, the cat whose name is Kotleta (en. Cutlet) has a personal photographer. We decided to reach out to Kotleta for a little interview, but the cat probably delegated the task to her human Kristina, as she was the one who answered all of our questions. “Kotleta has t...

Spotlight Model Michelle Davis

Spotlight Model Michelle Davis Michelle Davis is an amazing person with a warm heart. I met Michelle on my Birthday when she asked to interview me for her show, Geeks R' Sexy at WCOBM studio. You can watch the interview from my MEDIA page. I am thankful for the opportunity she gave me and I'm so happy we met! A little bit about Michelle - She is a very busy, hardworking and talented business woman. She is a General Manager at WCOBM, Columnist at MyVegas Magazine and President at The Social M...