The Soul Of The Forest

Photographer Captures The Soul Of The Forest With His Intimate Animal Shots 21-year-old Finish photographer Konsta Punkka takes breathtaking pictures of nature and lifestyle. Punkka manages to capture the animals from so close, it’s unbelievable. His secret? He brings snacks to the photoshoots and feeds them to the animals.    

The Truth Behind Creative Photography

The Truth Behind Photography The internet is full of beautiful and amazing photographs, but do you ever stop and wonder just what went into that perfect shot? I'm not just talking about the digital manipulation side of the process, although there's certainly plenty of that involved. No, I'm talking about the physical hard work combined with the often super-creative approaches that photographers employ in order to ensure that their final shot is the very best it can be. #1 Miniature Car Model...

Check out The Scorched

Check out The Scorched Band Check out my friends' band, they are music to your ears. The Scorched is a hard-driving Indie Alternative Rock Band hailing from Las Vegas and Phoenix. They deliver an original sound that is as hot as their name suggests. Highly experienced singer/songwriters Wade Eno and Kristopher Tuttle have joined with drummer Derek Carlson, creating a sound that has been called "addictive" and "one of a kind". They have toured the East Coast extensively from Maine to Fl...