Surreal Worlds For Animals

surreal worlds for animals to live in
Surreal Worlds for Animals to Live In Without Cruelty Beautiful photo manipulation of surreal worlds for animals. "It’s my second post dedicated to all kinds of wonderful animals living on our planet. You know, when I hear and read how people can be cruel, stupid, cocky, full of arrogance to the world we live in, I personally do feel ashamed. I feel sad as well, that I have to be part of that species. I will fight anyone who kills animals. I do not accept that. I do not have any respect for t...

Dark Conceptual Photos by Patty Maher

Dark Conceptual Photos
Dark Conceptual Photos These are gorgeous and bring out a lot of emotion, similar to my own work - I love to tell stories. I believe a photo that brings out emotions, feelings, and creates thoughts is perfectly captured. I thrive to create photos that are different and not your same old, just different models type photos. These are well done and a must share! Enjoy!   "I am Patty Maher and I do conceptual photography. These photos are my recent work taken this year in and around Caledo...

Photoshop Mind-Bending Pics by Erik Johansson

Photoshop Mind-Bending Pics by Erik Johansson "Photoshop Techniques" Erik Johannsson creates optical illusions and photo manipulations so mind-bending and life-like that his work sometimes seems like magic. In these awesome behind-the-scenes videos, however, we get to see how he actually creates some of his artwork. Aside from his extensive use of Photoshop, his videos show how the real and imaginary worlds blend seamlessly in his photos. For most of his surreal photos, he had to photograph ...