Historic Photos Restored And Turned Into Colorful Art

Historic Photos Restored And Turned Into Colorful Art: These are amazing! I think I may found some inspiration from this talented artist to create some of my own future recreations. "The recoloring of old black-and-white photos is an excellent way for modern audiences to re-visit, understand and associate with history. Jane Long, a photographer based in Australia, has taken a collection of old glass-plate images by Romanian photographer Costica Acsinte and updating them by adding color and a bi...

The Beauty Of Women’s Bodies

Black and White Beauty of Women's Bodies The Beauty Of Women’s Bodies: Russian photographer, Anton Belovodchenko creates natural forms from nude female figures. Artfully shot, the suggestive photos look like sculptures of dancers or yogis, contorted in way that sometimes masks the human form. A bodyscape, traditionally, is an artistic style where closeup photographs of the human form convey the impression of landscape.

Plane Day Saturday

I have a fear of flying, so I figured the more I watch the planes take off and land - the more comfortable I may become, hopefully. Decided to make this weekend a plane day Saturday.  It was actually very entertaining tuning in the station and hearing the commands and watching the varies planes land and take off, and some miss their commands and flying around to retry to land. The location I chose for photos wasn't the best, it's hard to get close enough to any airport as it is but I did may bes...