10 Days In Iceland

I wanted to share this beautiful and inspiring story of an adventurer in Iceland: Iceland is a country that has long been on my bucket, a place that I’ve seen thousands of images of but needed to witness with my own eyes. After day 1 all my expectations were met. After a full 10 days I knew life wouldn’t be the same again. Being exposed to such vast, rugged beauty moves you in a way that is hard to describe in words or image. Standing under the Northern Lights as they dance across the sky, abs...

Spotlight Model Ana Antimo

Spotlight Model Ana Antimo I'd like to shine some light on the very talented Ana Antimo! Yet she is another triple-threat - model, dancer and actress. Ana works on a lot of different projects, does promotions, has been published many times, doubles for celebrities and was even on the TV show - Modern Family on ABC. I met Ana on facebook while searching for models for my showcase project. I found her as my perfect genie and yet she made a perfect witch too. She is very professional and fun t...

Spotlight Model Alicia Dyson

Spotlight Model Alicia Dyson Today I would like to bring attention to a cheerful lady I met while casting for models for a showcase I did earlier this year. I met Alicia Dyson on facebook and discussed my ideas for the shoot with her. She happened to have a cat woman costume, which I was excited to photograph her in! Alicia is a great person and a fun model to work with. Our main shoot was focused on cat woman but I did manage to throw in some extra photos non kitty related. :) Now I hea...