Mother Nature Dark Roots

 Mother Nature Dark Roots

Model: Brooke Contovasilis

We live amongst her, she watches over us like children

We get tangled in her her roots as she twirls us around her vines

She brings us sunshine, she waters our crops

She gives us warmth and she gives us life

She cares for many, she thought we could live amongst the innocence of animals

Birds to flutter and sing in her bright days

Crickets and bats that echo in the night

The beauty and colors of nature and sight

She decorates with flowers and trees, she plays with our senses

She is powerful, she is all

She gives so much and asks for only love and respect for the innocence of her creations, her gifts

Yet there are many who abuse her gifts, using hatred and violence

Fill her up with anger and pain causing her to call upon the thunder and hail

For her tears turn to storms, flooding and destroying those who do her harm

Pulling the ground apart as earthquakes and tsunamis rush in to cleanse her heart

Erupting volcanoes, tornados and hurricanes, her sadness and rage will destroy all in her path

She is powerful, she is all

She calls upon karma, she calls upon faith

She gives life to those who have light or else she’ll take it away

Those filled with darkness will be swallowed in her storm

Is your heart filled with love?

Is your life filled with light?

Have you done harm to innocence?

For she has your faith in her hands and karma can be right around the corner

Are you prepared?

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